March 27, 2013

Cask Ale 101: How and Why It's Different

A lot of confusion exists around what cask ale (also known as "real ale") is and why it's special. Chapter 5 from Beer for Dummies, 2nd edition, explains the basics very well and also defines some terms that many people — even seasoned craft beer lovers — are unfamiliar with.

What is real ale? What's a firkin? A pin? A spile? Learn about those things and more here.

How do you serve cask ale? What's a beer engine? Gravity dispense? You can get answers to all of those questions here.

This year Ashley's will have more than 30 different cask ales — the most ever! Now that you know why we call cask ale "the craft beer of craft beer," you'll want to get your tickets to the 2013 Michigan Craft Ale Festival today!


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