April 27, 2016

Bringing Cask Ale into the Modern World

New Orleans-based beer writer Nora McGunnigle has a new article on cask ale up on CraftBeer.com. In "Cask Ale’s Journey Into the Modern Beer World," she explores the growing popularity of cask ale in the U.S., and Americans' penchant for tinkering with tradition (often to the dismay of purists). She writes:
With American brewers, retailers, and consumers excited about the enhanced flavor potential of cask ales with nontraditional ingredients, this trend has taken on a life and technique of its own. It’s no longer an anomalous process—it’s a part of the culture as much as traditionally prepared casks.
At the Michigan Cask Ale Festival, you can expect to find more than two dozen cask ales from our brewer partners around the state and country, many aged with nontraditional ingredients such as lemon peel, tamarind, vanilla beans, lavender, grapefruit, and more! Be sure to check out the beer list as it continues to grow, and if you haven't already, pick up your advance ticket!

Read Nora's whole article on CraftBeer.com.