April 18, 2016

Wall Street Journal: Are Cask Beers Worth the Fuss?

In a September 2015 article, the Wall Street Journal asked the question, "Are cask beers worth the fuss?"

We at Ashley's believe the short answer is "yes." For nine years we've sent cooperage to some of Michigan's and America's best craft breweries to have them fill it with fresh ale to naturally carbonate and condition, creating a more delicate and nuanced taste experience for attendees of our Cask Ale Festival. Some years we've even featured beers from other countries, including the UK, the world's cask ale capital.

The article notes how cask ale historically has not played a large part in the U.S. craft beer industry, but that it's catching on among American beer drinkers:
Here, cask beer accounts for a fraction of the craft industry’s output—1% or so according to the Brewers Association—but it’s gaining. Paul Pendyck, the leading North American distributor of cask beer serving equipment, has seen a steady rise in sales. “In the past five years it’s jumped at least 350 percent,” he said.
Ashley's is pleased to bring this unique style of beer to our guests each year. Once again we are featuring more than two dozen cask ales at one time in our Beer Garden. Want to see what the fuss is about? Be sure to get your ticket for the May 14 event!


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